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MEDICATION REVIEW:  Have questions or queries regarding medications that you take???   No problem!  

From the comfort of your lounge room you can send us an email or call If you have trouble understanding which medications you take, when to take them and why.

 Our friendly and experienced pharmacist will visit you in your home or come and see us at the Pharmacy to discuss your concerns and provide a medication management plan.


BLOOD PRESSURE :  KNOW YOUR NUMBERS .   Its very important to know and we do it FREE of CHARGE....High blood pressure is one of the major contributing risk factors for stroke and is a serious medical condition that can affect anyone.  We will happily take your blood pressure reading, explain the results and advise you of any further action that is required.  We can also help you to understand the consequences of high blood pressure and its management.   
DIABETES MONITORING:  Have Diabetes?   At Oakey Discount Pharmacy we provide a wide range of diabetic supplies such as blood glucose meters, log books, testing strips, lancets etc.  We will provide support, guidance and information to you, as well as help track your blood sugar levels. Oakey Discount Pharmacy is an official NDSS sub-agent.
ASTHMA MANAGEMENT  : Having trouble controlling your asthma?    The lungs and airways of people with asthma are hypersensitive to various trigger factors such as exercise, pollen, cold air and viral infections, amongst others.  Knowledge is the key to successful asthma management.  Your pharmacist can help you understand your asthma symptoms and give you advice on how and why to take your medication to control your asthma.
HOME DELIVERIES:  Can't make it to us?  We'll bring the pharmacy to you!  The comfort of our customers is a priority, which is why we have a full time delivery service.  Not only do we deliver to homes in Oakey but also the surrounding areas.  Medication and retail items can be delivered right to your door, with just a phone call.  Please visit our contact page and ring us to arrange your personalised delivery.