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Now you can get your health cover form the person you trust most about your health, me.

Now you can come and see me and any of the staff to talk about your health cover.

We often need to rely on others to help us make an informed choice.



For our health cover, until now we could only go to a private health insurer to choose whatever products they had to offer.



Where's the choice and, what's more, where's the trust??



So thankfully, now there's Covad Private Health Insurance.



Come and see me at the pharmacy and we can help to ensure you're getting the cover you need, not all the things you don't need and which you shouldn't be paying for......



With Covad, we can assess your needs and shortlist the most suitable cover for you.

You can complete our obligation free 3 minute Covad Health Cover Diagnostic while you are getting your script filled, and find out if your current cover is the best possible

or whether there are better ones for you available.



Enjoy the peace of mind you're used to, from the pharmacist you are used to.




Welcome to the new face of Private Health Cover...with me, Debbie